What to know about whiplash claims?

Too many of us don’t actually realize the severity of whiplash and the major influence it has on the life of individual persons. There really are quite a few different games to deal with this kind of injury. Some can leave you feeling the pain for days, other months and some really never retreat. But if you suffered a whiplash injury resulting from a car collision that really wasn’t your fault. You could be entitled to make a claim for an individual injury compensation, despite what some people might think about the vadality of your potential claim.

So the basic thing is that the most common cause of whiplash injury is a car accident, and any situation that causes the muscles and ligaments in your neck to extend beyond their normal range of motion or movement. Symphtoms of the classic whiplash start to occure from anything from a few hours to several days after the accident has happened and tottaly diverseed from popular believe they can incorporate the entire back not just the spine and neck.

Most common symptom’s:

       Stiffness’ in the neck

       Blured vision


       Pain and weariness

        Lower back pain


How to prove you have a whiplash ?

Like an every other personal injury resulting from an accident, the main thing is in the minor things, the details of whiplash are a little peculiar in the fact that it can be a little to prove trough medical examinations there are many different fractures to be found and almost no swelling, so the only real symptoms to go one are stiffness, and a tone of pain that will result. There are many ways to suffer a whiplash injury, anything that results in your neck, like being pushed over back and forwards at high speed. So this could be from being kicked in the fight, or injured by someone but in most cases occurrences is from  a car accident.

So in the last decade the whiplash clams just from a car accident has more than doubled accounting for around 74% of personal injury claims. So compensation for minor car whiplash injuries are banned by ministers in some cases to stop the scourge of fradulend claims. So changes being drown up by the ministery of justice will end a person’s right to make a cash claim for minor injuries saving a staggering 1 bilion dolars per year. Meanwhile the threshold at which personal injury lawyers can take cases in the small claims court would and will be raised form 2000 to 5000 dolars per case. Meaning legal costs must be reduced. The government predicted the move would slash up to 50$ off car insurance bills.